9 out of 10 Security Leaders Warn of Skills Shortage

Despite business backing and a recruitment push, new research suggests most tech security decision-makers are struggling to address the skilled professional shortage.

Stott and May, a global cybersecurity recruitment firm has joined forces with venture investor Forgepoint Capital to compose the Cyber Security in Focus. Responses from cybersecurity directors, security operations directors and VPs of product security across the globe are all featured.

87% of respondents admitted to skills shortages, with over a third (35%) claiming positions were left unfilled after a 12-week period.

In-house skills (43%) were cited as the most significant barrier to strategy execution, above budget (35%), technology (13%) and board-level buy-in (9%).

Hiring difficult has led to a major salary surge, with 54% of hiring managers believing that they have increased by more than 11% year on year in the sector.


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