Acer suffered the second security breach in a few months

Taiwanese electronics technology giant Acer discloses a security breach suffered by its after-sales service systems in India after an isolated attack.

Bad news for the Taiwanese electronics technology giant Acer, it disclosed a second security breach this year. The company revealed that its after-sales service systems in India were hit by an isolated attack.

The incident was disclosed after threat actors have advertised the sale of more than 60 GB of data on an underground cybercrime forum.

Below is the statement shared by the company with media outlets [1,2] requesting a comment on the incident.

“We have recently detected an isolated attack on our local after-sales service system in India. Upon detection, we immediately initiated our security protocols and conducted a full scan of our systems. We are notifying all potentially affected customers in India. The incident has been reported to local law enforcement and the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team, and has no material impact to our operations and business continuity.” Steven Chung, Acer Corporate Communications, told the media.

The threat actors shared a link to stolen files and databases, stolen information includes customer data, financial information, login details for Acer retailers and distributors from India. The threat actors published a video showing the stolen files a DBs.

This is the second time ACER suffered a security breach, in March the computer giant was hit by REvil ransomware operators that compromised its systems and requested the record $50,000,000 ransom.

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