AI-powered tools to fend off ransomware attacks

Zero trust-type security has become the standard for any self-respecting security software provider and is a step in the right direction in the never-ending battle against the bad hacker actors of the worlds. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem the be the final answer to storing corporate data securely for an enterprise and its users.

Zero trust is essential for enterprises to restrict access controls to networks, applications and environments without sacrificing performance or usability. Even those on the top rung of security clearance ladders are not spared by the zero trusty approach. Multiple entry codes will be needed. However, ZT still requires support in providing the 24/7 security and airtight access processes that are often required. That is where AI comes in.

Next-gen data protection providers such as FortinetDell TechnologiesForcepoint, and Cohesity all bring a diverse arsenal to the problem. Many of these tools use AI to identify intruders and thwart exploits faster and more effectively than ever before.

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