API and database issues cause Discord outage

Discord has announced that it suffered a ‘massive outage’, which affected user login and the voice chat features. The outage begun at 2:49 PM EST and came down to an issue with the application programming interface (API) that interrupted the communication between various services. While this issue was quickly resolved, Discord discovered another problem with a database cluster. In a statement Discord explained: “We have identified the underlying issue with the API outage but are dealing with a secondary issue on one of our database clusters. We have our entire on-call response team online and responding to the issue.”

In order too prevent an overload of the operational servers, Discord began rate limiting logins while fixing the issue with the database cluster. Consequently, users were unable to fully log into their accounts. The rate-limiting was removed at approximately 5:12 PM EST, although Discord still warned that users may experience issues interacting with bots utilising the slash commends. They have promised that the issues will be resolved over time.

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