AWS gets serious about API security, adds Salt Security to ISV Program

Salt Security, the API security company, has been accepted as part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Accelerate Program, to address the prevalence of API-driven businesses, along with how to secure them and not put customers at risk. ISV a co-sell program for AWS Partners who provide software solutions that run on or integrate with AWS. Acceptance, the company says, validates the proven integration of the Salt Security API Protection Platform with AWS and provides Salt Security with direct access to additional AWS resources to optimise solutions for joint customers.


Many Salt Security customers, including Armis, Xolv, bp Launchpad, TripActions, and others rely on the Salt platform to secure API-driven environments in AWS.


Curtis Simpson, CISO of Armis, said previously of expanding API environments and working with Salt Security:  “As our customers embraced remote work because of the pandemic, we needed to rapidly and dramatically increase the number of integrations supported by our platform, which exponentially multiplied our overall API count within just a few months. Until then, we documented and tested our APIs manually, but we could no longer keep up. The Salt platform automates it all for us – discovering the APIs, identifying which ones expose sensitive data, pinpointing poorly written APIs that create unnecessary risk, and capturing the remediation details our dev teams need to improve our API security posture. By taking care of all our API security, Salt allows our developers to keep building new integrations rapidly without putting us or our customers at risk.”


Customers tap the Salt platform to discover their APIs, protect them during runtime, and improve their API security posture. The Salt Security API Protection Platform correlates user behaviour over time to pinpoint and stop attackers, using its rich context about reconnaissance activities to create a single alert, eliminate false positives, and allow incident response teams to quickly take action.


“By joining AWS ISV Accelerate, we strengthen our existing alliance with AWS, augmenting our status as Advanced Technology Partner and as a significant cybersecurity ISV Partner,” said Gilad Barzilay, head of business development for Salt Security. “We are thrilled to work closely with AWS to help joint customers with their cloud journey by protecting critical data and services with the industry’s leading API security solution.”


Salt Security applies cloud-scale big data, with the industry’s most time-tested AI and ML algorithms, to provide the insights needed for API security. Through its patented API Context Engine (ACE) architecture, the platform can identify the early indicators of an attack, stop attackers from advancing and essentially turn attackers into penetration testers, leading to valuable feedback for security teams to identify and eliminate API vulnerabilities.



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