BloodyStealer trojan targets most major gaming platforms

Kaspersky has this week released the findings of their research on the malware dubbed BloodyStealer. According to its creators, the malware can steal passwords, cookies, bank card details, browser autofill data, screenshots and more, and it is advertised on underground forums.

It looks like the criminals behind BloodyStealer are targeting gamers, as they are selling access to specific accounts, both individually and wholesale. Accounts with add-on and expensive items hold particular value, but they are typically sold at a huge discount. The content of these accounts is often traded, often for a fraction of its value. For less than 50 cents, one could by access to Need for Speed and other titles.

Commenting on the news, Sam Curry, chief security officer at Cybereason, said:
“It’s become almost a reflex now: another letter or email in your mailbox, “we regret to inform you that due to a breach, your personal data may have been….” and in the gaming industry, user data is still highly sought after, but at much cheaper prices than in the past with attackers successfully using the malware as a service model to generate revenue and driving down costs as the supply increases. Overall, the number of identity compromises by this point is more than 10 times larger than the world’s population and yet life continues. The unthinkable has become the mundane and the routine. In the short term, consumers should protect themselves with strong passwords and also enable two-factor authentication. Also, double check websites, email addresses and phone numbers to verify their authenticity. Fraudsters will oftentimes deploy phone numbers, email addresses or URLs that differ slightly from the real one. Also, never click on links or open attachments from unknown sources. And take advantage of free credit reporting services. And immediately contact law enforcement if you think you have been victimized”


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