Cato Networks Announces New Data Loss Prevention Engine & SSE 360

Cato Networks, global SASE cloud provider, just announced the release of their new Data Loss Prevention (DLP) engine. Part of Cato’s SSE architecture, the DLP is meant to offer protection of data as well as prevention of loss of data across organisation software and applications. 

Historically, DLP has been considered complex and operationally complicated. With inaccuracies in traffic routing and a limited scope of protection, DLP left some issues to the wayside such as disruptions to daily organisational operations. 

Cato DLP, however, reportedly solves this issue. Consolidated within Cato SPACE (Single Pass Cloud Engine) architecture, the DLP can widely view and control all traffic at all times. Utilising machine learning for smarter data protection, Cato DLP streamlines what was once imperfect and largely unconsolidated.  

But that’s not all. Cato Networks has also announced their SSE 360 platform release, with which the DLP will be converged. Extending beyond typical SSE functionality, SSE 360 sets its sights on the optimisation, control, and visibility of internet traffic, WAN, and the entire cloud. 

CEO and co-founder of Cato Networks, Shlomo Kramer, noted: “Traditional SSE architectures alone are not enough to protect the enterprise. They have limited visibility and control over WAN traffic which drives the need for multiple networking and security architectures. What’s needed is one architecture that can provide visibility into and control over all traffic to all applications and resources from all endpoints. Cato SSE 360 is the first SSE solution to meet that challenge.” 

Here at IT Security Guru, we are looking forward to seeing Cato DLP and SSE 360 in action. 

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