Conti ransomware hits Nordic Choice Hotels

Earlier this week, Nordic Choice Hotels announced an attack on its IT systems, which they believed to be a “computer virus”. It has now been confirmed that they were, in fact, hit by Conti ransomware, which has affected the hotel’s guest reservation and room key card systems. Fortunately, there is no indications that passwords or payment information was affected or accessed, however guest booking information was potentially leaked.

As a result of the attack, hotel staff are unable to access the hotel’s reservation systems to manage check-in, check-out, payments and bookings. Consequently, staff have had to switch to a manual procedure to continue business operations, although guests have been advised to expect delays. The hotel has also warned guests to be weary of any suspicious communications they may receive as a result of their names and contact information having been affected. No ransom demand has been received yet, and the hotel group has “chosen not to contact” the attackers.


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