Cyber Defense Magazine – January 2022 has arrived. Enjoy it!

Cyber Defense Magazine January 2022 Edition has arrived. We hope you enjoy this month’s edition…packed with 155 pages of excellent content.

CDMG is fully owned and operated by team Miliefsky in our 10th anniversary. We believe the letter Q stands for ‘Q’uestion. Are you Questioning your InfoSec posture right now? The cybercriminals are not resting. They are asking themselves this very Q.uestion…

Will you stay one step ahead of Cyber Father Time this year? Learn new ways to protect your family, job, company & data. December Cyber Defense eMagazine: Cyber Deception Month is behind us…Identity Defense Protection month has arrived. Defeat Cyber Father Time!

Cyber Defense Magazine January Edition for 2022 in online format #CDM #CYBERDEFENSEMAG @CyberDefenseMag by @Miliefsky a world-renowned cyber security expert and the Publisher of Cyber Defense Magazine as part of the Cyber Defense Media Group as well as Yan Ross, US Editor-in-Chief, Pieruligi Paganini, International Editor-in-Chief and many more writers, partners and supporters who make this an awesome publication! Thank you all and to our readers! OSINT ROCKS! #CDM #CDMG #OSINT #CYBERSECURITY #INFOSEC #BEST #PRACTICES #TIPS #TECHNIQUES

RSA Conference 2022 has moved to June 6-9, 2022 so we have something awesome in store planned to bridge Q1/Q2

See you at RSA Conference 2022 – Our 10th Year Anniversary – Our 10th Year @RSAC #RSACONFERENCE #USA – Thank you so much!!! – Team CDMG

We really appreciate any tips, ideas, concerns or feedback you have, please take a minute or two to fill out our CDM Feedback Form…

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Pierluigi Paganini

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