Fraudsters thriving off new Spiderman film hype

Spiderman fans have been warned to watch out for the latest scam, in which fraudsters are using the hype around the newest film to spread malicious files and phishing pages. Kaspersky researchers have discovered that scammers are taking advantage of the latest installment of the super-hero franchise, by tricking fans into entering their payment details into phishing websites. Victims are lured in with false advertisements to a streaming website, purporting to show the new movie. Users are asked to enter their credit card information in order to view the film, upon which hackers simply steal payment data, and consequently money.

More worryingly, hackers are also using the opportunity to plan malicious files on victim computers by tricking them into downloading the “movie”. These files can install adware and Trojans, amongst other unwanted programs onto the device and give threat-actors unauthorised access, allowing them to modify data or cause disruptions. Fans are urged not to forget cybersecurity measures when attempting to find out the secrets of the new film and make sure to follow best practices to avoid being tricked by phishing mails.



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