Hackers target luxury hotels in Macau

Luxury hotels in Macau were the target of malicious spear-phishing campaigns for nearly 3 months, according to research from security researchers at Trellix.

The cybersecurity firm has attributed the campaign to the aptly named DarkHotel group, building on research published by Zscaler in December 2021. 

DarkHotel is believed to have been access since 2007, with a history of striking  “senior business executives by uploading malicious code to their computers through infiltrated hotel Wi-Fi networks, as well as through spear-phishing and P2P attacks,” Zscaler researchers Sahil Antil and Sudeep Singh said.

The attack campaigns consisted of targeted emails sent to those in executive roles at the hotel, such as vice president of HR and front office manager, indicating that the intrusions were aimed at those with access to the hotel network.

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