New year, new ICO head

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in the UK has appointed former New Zealand privacy commissioner John Edwards to head position, taking over from Elizabeth Denham. He started his five year term this week and said in a statement that he wants to “empower people to understand and influence how they want their data to be used, and to make it easy for people to access remedies if things go wrong.”


In what is sure to be another tumultuous year for data privacy, he inherits the ongoing legal battles with large tech firms and will see through the Online Safety Bill – set to ensure Ofcom has a substantive role in making tech leaders more responsible for information disseminated over their platforms.


“Privacy is a right not a privilege. In a world where our personal data can drive everything from the healthcare we receive to the job opportunities we see, we all deserve to have our data treated with respect,” he said.

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