NHS 111 urgent care provider leads the way in secure and flexible workforce identity and access management with My1Login

My1Login has announced it has been hired by London Central & West Unscheduled Care Collaborative, a leading provider of urgent healthcare to the NHS 111 service, to overhaul its staff identity access through My1Login’s Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) solution.


The platform integrates with their existing computer login and removes the need for users to manage any additional application passwords, enabling the transition to a passwordless environment. This means clinicians only need to sign into their computer once to get access to all the information they require, enabling them to spend more time providing critical patient care.


London Central & West (LCW) is one of largest providers of Integrated Urgent Care in London, serving over 4.6 million citizens. To offer its patients faster and more efficient care, LCW is becoming increasingly reliant on cloud applications and digital platforms to access medical records. However, a key challenge they have encountered, is clinicians having to manage multiple passwords to get access to these critical systems. As a result, LCW has recognised it needs a more efficient way for clinicians to securely access medical applications to improve efficiency, which does not require them to have to remember multiple passwords for numerous different applications.


Liam Mahon, Director of Digital & Innovation IT – BI – PMO at LCW, explains “We see digital as a key enabler to provide innovative, uninterrupted and responsive care to our patients. However, a key challenge we are frequently facing is clinicians having to manage multiple logins to access systems. This means passwords often get forgotten and doctors have to go through lengthy password resets to get access to patient records. We recently concluded that an overhaul of our traditional identity access management strategy was needed, where staff could more efficiently get access to critical systems, without compromising security. In My1Login, we have found a partner that can symphyses these two issues into a simple solution, significantly improving security, whilst simplifying the user experience, thus allowing clinicians to focus their time on patient care, rather than password management.”


Mike Newman, CEO of My1Login, said: “We are delighted to be helping London Central and West mitigate the risk of data breaches whilst freeing up valuable time for clinicians to focus on patient care. My1Login enables the transition to a passwordless environment, removing passwords from the hands of users and placing LCW in control of corporate identities, which reduces exposure to cyber security risks and makes it secure and effortless for clinicians to access NHS applications.”

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