Omnicell healthcare company hit by ransomware

Omnicell, a US based multinational healthcare company, has confirmed it suffered a data breach in the a wake of a suspected ransomware attack.

The company disclosed the ransomware attack on May 9 2022 in a 10-Q filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

In the filing, Omnicell stated: “Our IT systems and third-party cloud services are potentially vulnerable to cyber-attacks, including ransomware, or other data security incidents, by employees or others, which may expose sensitive data to unauthorized persons. On May 4, 2022, we determined that certain of our information technology systems were affected by ransomware impacting certain internal systems.”

Expanding on the possible impacts of the breach Omnicell said: “Data security incidents could lead to the loss of trade secrets or other intellectual property, or to the public exposure of sensitive and confidential information of our employees, customers, suppliers and others.”


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