PrinterLogic fixes high severity flaws in Printer Management Suite

PrinterLogic has addressed nine vulnerabilities in Web Stack and Virtual Appliance, including three high severity flaws.

PrinterLogic has released security updates to address nine vulnerabilities in Web Stack and Virtual Appliance, the most severe ones, tracked as CVE-2021-42631, CVE-2021-42635, and CVE-2021-42638, are rated as high severity flaws (CVSS base score of 8.1).

Below is the list of vulnerabilities fixed by Paranoids:

CVE-2021-42631: Object Injection leading to RCECVE-2021-42635: Hardcoded APP_KEY leading to RCECVE-2021-42638: Misc command injections leading to RCECVE-2021-42633: SQLi may disclose audit logsCVE-2021-42637: Blind SSRFCVE-2021-42639: Misc reflected XSSCVE-2021-42640: Driver assignment IDORCVE-2021-42641: Username/email info disclosureCVE-2021-42642: Printer console username/password info disclosure

An attacker can trigger these three vulnerabilities to remotely execute arbitrary code on vulnerable systems.

CVE-2021-42631 is an object injection flaw, CVE-2021-42635 is a hardcoded APP_KEY issue, while CVE-2021-42638 is miscellaneous command injections. PrinterLogic pointed out that most of the installs are not internet-facing. 

In order to exploit the PrinterLogic Web Stack server, attackers would need a privileged network position, such as access through a VPN or another vulnerability (i.e. SSRF) in an appliance on the edge. 

Experts did not disclose the component affected by the vulnerability in order to give customers some time to address the flaws.

The timeline for the flaws is:

April 19th – Set up a testing environmentMay 4th – Decrypted the Web Stack server code, which allowed us to begin performing source auditingMay 6th – Identified initial pre-auth object injection vulnerability (CVE-2021-42631)May 19th – Began Work on developing a full exploitation toolkit around the vulnerability June 4th – Full exploit was completed and ready for operational use

The Paranoids researchers noted that the majority of PrinterLogic installations are not directly accessible from the Internet.

The flaws impact all PrinterLogic Web Stack version SP9 and earlier, and Virtual Appliance version 20.0.1304 and earlier, when used with macOS or Linux endpoint client software.

PrinterLogic addressed the issue with the release of Web Stack version, no client software updates are required for Virtual Appliance. .

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