RaidForums hacker forum domain seized

RaidForums, one of the world’s largest hacking forums, has been raided and taken down by an international law enforcement operation.

The forum was notorious for selling access to stolen personal information.

The operation, dubbed “Tourniquet”, involved authorities from the US, UK, Sweden, Portugal and Romania. The investigation culminated in the arrest of the forum’s administrator last month at his home in Croydon, England.

The three confiscated domains associated with the illicit marketplace include “raidforums[.]com,” “Rf[.]ws,” and “Raid[.]lol.”

Diogo Santos Coelho, known as “Omnipotent” online, is the alleged founder and chief administrator of the site. Santos Coehlo has been charged with conspiracy, access device fraud and aggravated identity theft, pending extradition to the US.

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