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New Rook Ransomware borrows code from BabukOmicron-themed phishing attacks spread Dridex and taunt with funeral helplineFisher Price Chatter Bluetooth Telephone 60G LTE has serious privacy issuesExperts warn of a new stealthy loader tracked as BLISTERNVIDIA informs customers of its products affected by Log4j flawsAvosLocker ransomware reboots in Safe Mode and installs tools for remote accessCrooks bypass a Microsoft Office patch for CVE-2021-40444 to spread Formbook malwareThree trivial bugs in Microsoft Teams Software remain unpatchedHackDHS bug bounty program accepts reports of Log4j-related flaws in DHS systemsA flaw in Microsoft Azure App Service exposes customer source codeCISA releases a scanner to identify web services affected by Apache Log4j flawsUbisoft discloses unauthorized access to ‘Just Dance’ user dataPYSA ransomware gang is the most active group in NovemberA new version of the Abcbot bot targets Chinese cloud providersRussian national extradited to US for trading on stolen InformationPatch these 2 Active Directory flaws to prevent the takeover of Windows domainsMore than 35,000 Java packages impacted by Log4j flaw, Google warnsLog4j Vulnerability Aftermath
DarkWatchman RAT uses Windows Registry fileless storage mechanism
Nation-state actors are exploiting Zoho zero-day CVE-2021-44515 since October, FBI warnsBelgian defense ministry hit by cyberattack exploiting Log4Shell bugAlleged APT implanted a backdoor in the network of a US federal agencyA new attack vector exploits the Log4Shell vulnerability on servers locallyClop ransomware gang is leaking confidential data from the UK policeTellYouThePass ransomware resurges and exploits Log4Shell in recent attacks

If you want to also receive for free the newsletter with the international press subscribe here.

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