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Vulnerability Assessment is a mature, proactive approach to securing enterprise assets exposes weaknesses in systems and identifies paths vulnerable to exploitation before it is maliciously carried out. BCSM facilitate organizations uncover hidden vulnerabilities in their people, process and technology through penetration testing. Our proven methodology provides actionable steps for better securing your systems.

Engaging with our team will uncover vulnerabilities and highlight actions that help you make informed decisions to reduce risk across your business. The vulnerability assessment and penetration testing process is the ultimate pre-emptive weapon against web threats. By utilizing these two powerful process simultaneously, companies can keep a detailed log of the security of the network and applications.

The most effective method of keeping your system safe is to run a vulnerability test regularly, and to keep a close watch on any irregularities that come up. By doing this simple step, it is relatively simple to keep your system safe and secure.


Web application security assessment combines information security best practices and technologies specifically designed to test websites, web-based services, and web applications. Web application security assessment can be performed manually or automatically, and should continue throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC). It will typically include safety protocols, security checks, and regular assessments, as well as safe coding practices, secure firewalls, vulnerability testing, and the installation of protocols that will ensure safe operation.

At BCSM web application security assessment is designed to continually monitor website security, helping to identify and protect against application vulnerabilities. Small to medium sized businesses can be particularly vulnerable to hackers and would benefit the most from scalable SAAS website security services that grow and adapt with expanding IT systems.

Your assessment should include clear, concise remediation advice so you know specifically what to do to reduce vulnerabilities that exist in the application as well as the entire solution that surrounds it.


Mobile Application Security Assessment services provide assurance that your mobile apps are secure. We provide you with a holistic and prioritized approach to testing mobile applications, which reduces your overall risk and remediation costs.

A mobile application security assessment looks at the security and compliance risks of your entire solution from the app on the device, the backend systems, the network the app connects to, and the interaction and data flow between them. Security experts well-versed in application development and coding who know the weaknesses threat actors try to exploit will thoroughly evaluate your security controls and provide actionable steps you can take.

DDoS Penetration Testing Service

A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack occurs when multiple systems flood the bandwidth or resources of a targeted system, usually one or more web servers. Such an attack is often the result of multiple compromised systems (for example, a botnet) flooding the targeted system with traffic.

DDoS testing should certainly be considered as part of your IT security testing and IT budget, and the priority you attribute to it may well depends on your business. E-commerce company may have DDoS attacks with a larger impact on them, while healthcare organization have more risk of having sensitive data exploited.

DDoS tests can be highly customized to attack against certain protocols and traffic types, designed to fit the needs of the target; with that in mind, it is important to test against new threat risks that have been introduced into a changing environment.


The goal of Cloud computing is to provide a common interface and namespace that allows enterprises who are interested in streamlining their audit processes as well as cloud computing providers to automate the Audit, Assertion, Assessment, and Assurance of their infrastructure (IaaS), platform (PaaS), and application (SaaS) environments and allow authorized consumers of their services to do likewise via an open, extensible and secure interface and methodology.

The benefits to the Cloud Service Provider are to enable the automation of typically one-off labor-intensive, repetitive and costly auditing, assurance and compliance functions and provide a controlled set of interfaces to allow for assessments by consumers of their services.

We at BCSM intend not to be prescriptive as to the mechanisms used to gather the data or how these interfaces are presented, but rather provide a consistent representation to the consumer and the tools they choose to utilize. We will focus initially on representative schema and data structures mapped to existing compliance, security and assurance frameworks.


Spectrum digital forensics cover the acquisition of Electronically Stored Information from a multitude of devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, storage devices, GPS, digital cameras etc. Digital forensics requires the combination of computer science, integrity of evidence and investigative process that is applied to establish fact and determine the outcome of a judicial process.

Forensics is a knee-jerk reaction to an incident that has occurred . BCSM is in a unique position that sees us combine our expertise from Fraud Risk Management, Digital Forensics, and Information Security with market leading tools that result in solutions that enable BCSM to provide Pro-Active as well as Re-Active forensic and overall professional services to our customers. BCSM has the skill and experience needed to successfully conduct every step of the scientific process that is Digital Forensic Investigation.

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